Mascot Training Ground
Oversized jungle gym with slides, ball pit and zip-line course to challenge adventure-seeking children
MENGNIU Rookie Challenge
A soft-play course that challenges young fans to jump, climb, crawl and dunk through a variety of obstacles.
The Arena
Roughly one-third the size of an NBA regulation court, The Arena is designed to teach basketball fundamentals and develop star players of tomorrow.
Dunk Zone
Enclosed trampoline space where children can showcase their high-flying dunking skills.
Halftime Live
Digital interactive area featuring tablets where children can customize characters and interact with them through a gesture-controlled basketball game.
In the Paint
Arts and crafts area to create custom NBA-themed artwork.
Collection of life-sized player images, handprints and footprints for guests to measure themselves against their favorite stars.
Party Rooms
NBA-themed private rooms for birthday parties or special events.
Snack Bar
Food counter offering pizza, coffee, soft drinks and other light snacks. Parents can relax, grab a bite to eat and catch the latest NBA highlights and live games.
NBA Playzone Store
Offering an exclusive collection of NBA Playzone merchandise, as well as a wide selection of NBA oncourt and lifestyle apparel, footwear, headwear and basketballs for children and adults.
Contact Us
Want to know more about us? Drop us an email. level 2 of the Hubindao Shopping Center 150 Hu Bin Rd (Close to Ji Nan Rd.).
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